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Voyage Quebec Fundraising

Bacon Bingo Bonanza and Silent Auction

Thank you to our sponsors and donators!

Bingo cards can be purchased for$1 at the door. Cash purchases for bingo cards and concession. Silent auction winners can pay online via credit card or in person with cash.Bingo starts at 6:30. Doors open at 6:00.

The Voyage Québec fundraising committee is running an online silent auction from March 27th to March 31st. If you know of anybody (an organization or business) that would consider providing an item or gift card(s) for our Silent Auction, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide them with the attached letter. Any help is greatly appreciated as the proceeds from the event will go to offset the cost of students’ flights, accommodations, and educational activities while in Quebec and Ottawa. In addition, we will advertise all donors on the auction website as well as during our Bacon Bingo night here at Paterson on March 31st.

First Aid Kits


Voyage Quebec 2023 – First Aid Kit Fundraiser (December 5, 2022-January 16, 2023)

Bonjour! Attached is your brochure which details the various first aid kits available to get started selling. The sales posters will be emailed out for you to post via social media if you wish. We are looking to have our school logo printed on the kits as well. Payments can be made by cash or cheque written to Gilbert Paterson Middle School.

Please have your completed form with your money/cheques to your homeroom teacher by January 16th 2023. For this fundraiser to be successful, we need every family to help.

Once we receive the orders from our supplier, we will package them and have them back to you for delivery in February.

Thank you for your support!

The Voyage Quebec First Aid Kit Fundraiser Sub-Committee

Order Form

Front Page Catalogue

Sale Sheet 1

Sale Sheet 2

Student Bottle Drive January 7

To all Voyage Quebec Parents,  

In our efforts to raise funds and involve our students in the process, the Voyage Quebec Fundraising committee will be hosting a bottle drive on Saturday, January 7 from 9-12 am. We have organized a series of routes throughout the city, and each team of 2 or 4 students will be assigned a driver.  

Please sign up to volunteer by using the link below. We are looking for students to collect the bottle by going door to door, as well as looking for volunteer drivers, preferably with a truck with a large bed. Bottle donations tend to be a little messy (and fragrant), so enclosed vehicles are not ideal.  You can sign your students up independent of your ability to be a driver or not.  

To increase student participation, when signing up students, there is an option to include names of other students that would work together well in a group. When final groups are created, we will try to accommodate these requests.  

Please complete this form (by clicking on the link below) by Friday December 6. The information from the form will be used to compile groups. Final groups names and bottle drive locations will be sent out on Sunday December 9.  


Thank you for your efforts and participation,  

Voyage Quebec Fundraising Committee

Winter Dance: Friday, January 20th


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Fundraiser EVENT: Basketball game Tiger Classic: Friday, Dec. 9th & Saturday, Dec.10th

  1. Fundraiser EVENT: Basketball game Tiger Classic: Friday, Dec. 9th& Saturday, Dec.10th 

 50/50 DRAW through Tiger Society and AGLC and CONCESSION opportunity

Bacon Bingo and SILENT Auction Thursday Oct. 9

You've heard of a Turkey Bingo before, but you've never experienced the excitement of a BACON BINGO before. There will also be a silent auction (using QR codes!) so bring your cell phone. Join us on Thursday, March 9!