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2023 Basketball Schedule

Please click the link below to find a copy of the 2023 Basketball Schedule for all teams. 

2023 Basketball Schedule

About GPMS Basketball

The basketball program at Gilbert Paterson Middle School is a dynamic and exciting opportunity for students to develop their athletic skills, teamwork abilities, and sportsmanship. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, students learn the fundamentals of basketball, including dribbling, passing, shooting, and defensive strategies.

The basketball program is open to students of all skill levels and abilities, whether they are experienced players or just starting out. GPMS offers teams of differing abilities, from developmental to Rep. All programs emphasizes the importance of teamwork, communication, and leadership, and provides opportunities for students to develop these skills through practice and games.

The program offers a range of experiences for students, including practices, scrimmages, and competitive games against other schools in the district. Students also have the opportunity to participate in basketball tournaments and other events throughout the year.

Participating in the basketball program at Gilbert Paterson Middle School is not just about developing athletic skills, it is also about building character and forming meaningful relationships with teammates and coaches. Students learn valuable life skills such as perseverance, dedication, and sportsmanship that will benefit them both on and off the court.

If you have a passion for basketball and want to develop your athletic skills while also forming strong relationships with your peers, then the basketball program at Gilbert Paterson Middle School is the perfect place for you. Joining the team will not only help you develop your basketball skills, but also give you an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

When are Tryouts?

Tryouts begin the middle of November and any students wanting to participate are encouraged to come.  

Grade 7/8 Basketball

Prior to 2019, we held open tryouts for all of our grade 6-8 students to be part of our Rep Team (1st tier) or Development Team (2nd tier) that are part of the LSAA structure and play against other schools that are primarily grade 7/8 athletes as well. All students who did not make these teams were invited to play “Club” basketball afterschool which has been a drop-in opportunity to play games and work on skills. 

Exceptional grade 6 athletes will be recognized and invited to participate with the 7/8 team as explained under the grade 6 teams.  

Grade 6 Basketball

All grade 6 students who sign up and commit will be part of our grade six “Tiger Club” program. This format of this basketball is designed for students that are 11/12 years old to continue to build on their skills and get lots of touches. We will have a competitive and instructional group and a schedule and each participant will be placed in an appropriate group. They will get a minimum of 1 gym time per week (2 when possible) of 75 minutes that will consist of skills and warmups and then 3 on 3 games with breaks. If opportunities arise to play other schools, we will pursue them.

If at the conclusion of our grade 6 intro camp it is deemed by the coaches/athletic director that a grade 6 athlete has the skill level and physical ability to compete with grade 7/8 athletes for a spot on one of our 2 teams, they will be invited to next the next tryout.