Tanner Bexson

Teachers - 8J

About Me

Hello Hello!

My name is Mr. Bexson and I teach grade 7&8 math and science in French immersion at Gilbert Paterson! I come from teaching grade 6 and 8 at G.S. Lakie. My passion for science and math stems from a physics degree I took at the UofL which eventually led me to educating and the desire to impart my knowledge of math and science to kids. I emphasize experiments, projects and demonstrations in my class because I believe that is the way to understand how scientists truly go about their jobs. 

Outside of math and science I also hold passions for music, rock climbing and other sports. I have played guitar and piano for nearly 20 years and I am currently a youth rock climbing team coach at the university rock climbing wall and Coulee Climbing on 3rd Avenue. I look forward to working with the staff and students at Paterson this year!