Cheryl Smith

Counsellors - FSLC Counsellor

About Me

My name is Cheryl Smith and I am the Family School Liaison Counsellor at Gilbert Paterson School. I am in my second year at this school; it is not only a great place to work, but a fantastic place to learn, grow, and find yourself. My role in the school is to work with complex student & family needs and link them to community resources that can help families meet with long-term success. I work on the philosophy of a System's Theory perspective as I believe none of us live in a bubble and our physical, social, emotional,  and spiritual needs are impacted by our environment and surroundings. This framework takes the blame off the individual, acknowledges barriers, but then works to remove the barriers so families can strive and thrive! Sometimes, we just need a little wind in our sails to get going!

Previously, I worked for 5 years in Residential and Outpatient Youth Treatment for Addictions and 5 years in Outpatient Youth Treatment for Mental Health as a Mental Health Therapist. Through my work experience, I have found a passion working with anxiety and families. I believe our bodies and mind have powerful tools within them that, when given the right tools, can help students, parents, and families be happy and satisfied with life and beyond. 

I am excited to work with you all this year!