Spanish Online Classrooms - Link to Duolingo

Date Nov 27 - Feb 15
Teacher Tyler Francis

How to link to my Duolingo Classrooms

1. Download the Duolingo app and open it up.

2. Press Get Started. Then select Spanish.

3. Set your Daily Goal and continue (15 minutes/day).

4. Create a Profile: On Android, press the menu icon at the top right corner and press Create a Profile. On iOS, press Profile in the top left corner and press Create a Profile.

5. Type in your Name, Email and Password, then press Create.

6. Go to your Profile and press Progress Sharing.

7. Type in the following exactly: Share progress with: Section or Class: Spanish 7.1 or Spanish 7.2 or Spanish 8.1 or Spanish 8.2

8. Press Save Changes