Homeroom: 7F - Ms. Elkjaer

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since June 17, 2018.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 31Jun 7Chapter 12 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
May 24May 2812.1-12.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
May 23May 30Plants Unit ExamScienceElkjaer, Krista0
May 22May 29Chapter 9 Notes QuizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
May 17May 28Louis Riel ProjectSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
May 10Jun 1Final Exam Review Chapters 1 - 3Social StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
May 9May 16Chapter 11 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
May 8May 1311.3-11.4 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
May 8May 16Plants Topic 1-3 QuizScienceElkjaer, Krista0
May 2May 31Design a Plant PosterScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Apr 30May 8Confederation Leader and Issues QuizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 11Apr 18Chapter 10 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Apr 9May 29Book Circle AssingmentsEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 9Apr 1210.1-10.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Apr 8Apr 12Worksheet 2Social StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 8Apr 17Structures and Forces Unit TestScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Apr 8Apr 15Structures and Forces Topic 7 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Apr 5Apr 16Chapter 7 quizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 4Apr 15Cartoon Social StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 2Apr 10notes quizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Mar 27Apr 3Chapter 9 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Mar 26Apr 2Structures and Forces Topic 4-5 QuizScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Mar 26Mar 299.4 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Mar 19Mar 26Chapter 6 QuizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Mar 11Mar 19Structures and Forces Topic 1-3 QuizScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Mar 7Mar 14Chapter 8 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Mar 7Mar 13Loyalist/Patriot Profile Social StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Mar 5Mar 88.3-8.4 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 27Mar 6Structures and Forces Topic 1ScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 26Mar 18.1-8.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 25Mar 1Structures and Forces Title PageScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 25Mar 19MagazineEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Feb 12Feb 25Geometry SetMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 12Mar 22MagazineEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Feb 11Feb 25Chapter 5 QuizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae1
Feb 7Feb 11Planet Earth - Topic 10 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 7Feb 14Open book quiz chapter 5Social StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Feb 7Feb 13Planet Earth Unit TestScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 6Feb 12Open Book Notes ActivitySocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Feb 6Feb 15Chapter 5 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 5Feb 7Planet Earth - Topic 9 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 4Feb 75.3-5.4 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Feb 4Feb 11Unsolved MysteryEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Jan 31Feb 4Planet Earth - Topic 7/8 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 30Feb 6Planet Earth Topics 4-7 QuizScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 29Feb 15.1-5.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 24Jan 28Planet Earth - Topic 5 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 24Feb 4Acadian JournalSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Jan 21Jan 234.3 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 17Jan 22Planet Earth - Topic 4 Part 1 and 2ScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 17Jan 25Chapter 4 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 15Jan 23Planet Earth Topic 1-3 QuizScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 14Jan 24Closed Book Quiz chapter 4Social StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Jan 14Jan 17Open Book Quiz Chapter 4Social StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Jan 14Jan 184.1-4.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 14Jan 17Planet Earth - Topic 3ScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 10Jan 16Planet Earth - Topic 2 Part 2ScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Jan 7Jan 15Mystery Book CoverEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Dec 12Jan 11Tic Tac Toe # 2 and #3English Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Dec 12Dec 19Novel DuotangEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Dec 10Dec 19Heat and Temperature Unit TestScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Dec 10Dec 20Chapter 7 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Dec 6Dec 117.3 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Dec 6Dec 10Heat and Temperature -Topic 7 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Nov 29Dec 57.1-7.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Nov 28Dec 6Chapter 3 quizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Nov 28Dec 5Tic Tac Toe #1 assignmentEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Nov 28Dec 13Build Your Own Thermos ProjectScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Nov 27Nov 29Novel duotang checkEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Nov 27Dec 4Heat and Temperature - Topic 4-6 QuizScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Nov 20Dec 3People of New FranceSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Nov 9Nov 20chapter 3 S.St. Title PageSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Nov 8Nov 14Heat and Temperature - Topic 3 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Nov 8Nov 15Heat and Temperature - Topic 1- 3 QuizScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Nov 8Nov 29The Westing Game - Link to NovelEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae1
Nov 5Nov 14Heat and Temperature - Topic 2 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Nov 2Jan 25Book ShareEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Nov 1Nov 8Chapter Two QuizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Nov 1Nov 7Chapter 3 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Nov 1Nov 7Heat and Temperature Title PageScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Nov 1Nov 7Heat and Temperature - Topic 1 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Oct 23Oct 263.1-3.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Oct 22Oct 25Interactions and Ecosystems - Topic 7 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Oct 22Oct 30Interactions and Ecosystems Unit TestScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Oct 17Oct 24Interactions and Ecosystems - Topic 6 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Oct 12Oct 18Explorers - postcard/stampSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Oct 10Oct 18Chapter 1 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Oct 4Oct 15Tall Tale ProjectEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Oct 4Oct 111.3 Homework QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Oct 2Oct 51.1-1.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Oct 1Oct 12Cartoon Food Web PosterScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 26Oct 4Interactions and Ecosystems - Topic 1-3 QuizScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 20Sep 252.3-2.4 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 20Sep 28Chapter 2 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 20Sep 27Chapter One QuizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Sep 20Sep 25Interactions and Ecosystems Topic 2 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 20Sep 252.4 AssignmentMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 19Oct 1Short Short Tall TaleEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Sep 18Sep 252.3 AssignmentMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 17Sep 20Symbiosis Practice WorksheetScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 17Sep 24PosterSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Sep 14Sep 182.2 Homework QuestionsMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 13Sep 182.1-2.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 12Sep 132.1 Homework QuestionsMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 12Sep 18Interactions and Ecosystems - Topic 1 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 10Sep 14Interactions and Ecosystems Title PageScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Sep 10Oct 26Book ShareEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0