Homeroom: 8F - Lavorato/Greve/Bazin

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 28Jun 13Whole Unit ProjectScienceLavorato, Joey1
May 16May 18Topic 8ScienceLavorato, Joey1
May 15May 16Topic 7 ReviewScienceLavorato, Joey1
May 8May 10Unit 4, Topic 4-6 ReviewScienceLavorato, Joey0
Apr 24Apr 25Topic 4ScienceLavorato, Joey1
Mar 7Mar 12Topic 8 review & Unit reviewScienceLavorato, Joey0
Feb 28Mar 2Eyeball Dissection LabScienceLavorato, Joey1
Feb 27Mar 30topic 4-5 review and study guideScienceLavorato, Joey1