Homeroom: 7J - M. Legal

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 10Jun 30Practice Exam for Structures and ForcesScienceBexson, Tanner1
Mar 21Jun 30Spaghetti bridge assignmentScienceBexson, Tanner1
Mar 21Jun 30Practice quiz on StructuresScienceBexson, Tanner1
Feb 14Jun 30Practice Exam for Heat and TemperatureScienceBexson, Tanner1
Feb 14Jun 30Lab: Plateau ProblemScienceBexson, Tanner1
Jan 17Jun 30Practice quiz for heat and tempScienceBexson, Tanner1
Dec 17Jun 30Practice Exam for PlantsScienceBexson, Tanner1
Dec 14Jun 30Presentation - Agriculture ProjectScienceBexson, Tanner1
Nov 22Jun 30Practice Quiz 2 for PlantesScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 31Jun 30TitlePageRubricScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 26Jun 30Practice Exam for Ecosystems ScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 4Jun 30Lab - PollutionScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 1Jun 30Lab - Best BeaksScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 1Jun 30Practice Quiz 1 EcosystemsScienceBexson, Tanner1