Homeroom: 7I - M. Muse

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Dec 17Jun 30Practice Exam for PlantsScienceBexson, Tanner1
Dec 14Jun 30Presentation - Agriculture ProjectScienceBexson, Tanner1
Nov 22Jun 30Practice Quiz 2 for PlantesScienceBexson, Tanner1
Nov 9Dec 21Lab - PlantsScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 31Jun 30TitlePageRubricScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 26Jun 30Practice Exam for Ecosystems ScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 16Dec 31Carbon and Water Cycle ProjectScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 4Jun 30Lab - PollutionScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 1Jun 30Lab - Best BeaksScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 1Jun 30Practice Quiz 1 EcosystemsScienceBexson, Tanner1