Homeroom: 6K - Mme Giannetti

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Sep 17Sep 19Module 1 leçons 1,2 et 4 QuizMathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
Sep 17Sep 19DefinitionsScienceGiannetti, Lisa0
Sep 14Sep 17Module 1 Leçon 4MathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
Sep 12Sep 13Module 1 Leçon 2MathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
Sep 11Sep 20Class electionSocial StudiesGiannetti, Lisa0
Sep 10Sep 24Tout sur moiFrenchGiannetti, Lisa0
Sep 10Sep 11Module 1 Leçon 1MathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
Sep 10Jun 14Weekly readingFrenchGiannetti, Lisa0
Sep 10Jun 14DictéeFrenchGiannetti, Lisa1
Sep 10Sep 11Importance of trees and forestsScienceGiannetti, Lisa0