Homeroom: 6K - Mme. Giannetti

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since April 19, 2018.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 15May 16Tongue twisterFrenchGiannetti, Lisa0
May 11May 17Unit exam module 7MathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
May 11May 30Evidence and investigation final projectScienceGiannetti, Lisa0
May 11May 22Final Social Studies projectSocial StudiesGiannetti, Lisa0
May 11May 14Leçon 7 Module 7MathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
May 4May 11Leçon 6MathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
May 3May 4Final Social Studies projectSocial StudiesGiannetti, Lisa0
Apr 26Apr 27Leçon 3 Module 7MathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
Apr 24Apr 26Leçon 2 module 7MathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
Apr 20Apr 26Unit examSocial StudiesGiannetti, Lisa0
Apr 18Apr 20Science title page ScienceGiannetti, Lisa0
Apr 17Apr 20Final Math Unit 6 ProjectMathematicsGiannetti, Lisa0
Apr 16Apr 19Enfant Interdit Final projectFrenchGiannetti, Lisa0
Apr 11Apr 30Registration packageFrenchGiannetti, Lisa0
Oct 2May 31Weekly Dictee FrenchGiannetti, Lisa1
Sep 11May 29Weekly French readingFrenchGiannetti, Lisa0