Homeroom: French/Spanish - Francis

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 18Jun 21Conjuguemos Verb Games - Regular Verbs ER, IR, ARFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Apr 18Apr 25Available Spanish NamesFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Apr 16Jun 21Self-ReflectionFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Mar 19Apr 9Join Duolingo ClassroomFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Mar 19Jun 21Quizlet AccessFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Mar 7Mar 16Cafe Verde PreparationFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Feb 27Jun 21Present 1 Verb GameFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Jan 22Jan 29Self-ReflectionFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Jan 15Mar 15Conjuguemos UsernamesFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Jan 9Jun 21Conjuguemos BattleshipFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Jan 8Mar 8Practice Goals - All Spanish studentsFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Dec 14Dec 21Regular Self-evaluationFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Nov 27Feb 15Spanish Online Classrooms - Link to DuolingoFrenchFrancis, Tyler0
Sep 11Sep 25Duolingo Virtual Classroom Sign-upFrenchFrancis, Tyler0