Homeroom: 8E - Dekens/David/Lavorato/Leavitt

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 27May 10Poetry Notes PowerPointEnglish Language ArtsDavid, Shelly1
May 14May 17Unit 4 Topics 1-4 ReviewScienceLavorato, Joey0
May 7May 8Unit 4 Topic 2 (U4 A2)ScienceLavorato, Joey0
May 6May 28Rube Goldberg ProjectScienceLavorato, Joey0
Mar 28Apr 2Ch. 12A NotesSocial StudiesDekens, Eric1
Mar 28Jun 1Figurative Language Foldable NotesEnglish Language ArtsDavid, Shelly1
Mar 27Apr 3Explore-a-text - "How-to Guide" attachments Social StudiesDekens, Eric1
Mar 26Mar 27How light gets its colourScienceLavorato, Joey1
Mar 11Mar 13A Monster Call Wrap Up notesEnglish Language ArtsDavid, Shelly1
Mar 11Mar 12Refraction and ReviewScienceLavorato, Joey1
Mar 11Mar 20A Monster Calls Culminating ActivityEnglish Language ArtsDavid, Shelly1
Mar 5Mar 6ReflectionScienceLavorato, Joey1
Mar 4Mar 5When Light StrikesScienceLavorato, Joey1
Feb 28Mar 5Ch. 10A Notes - Cortes the Conquistador! Social StudiesDekens, Eric1
Feb 13Feb 28Spanish vs. Aztec Worldview Collage - ThursdaySocial StudiesDekens, Eric0
Jan 29Feb 6Ch. 7-8 Test (Wed, Feb. 6)Social StudiesDekens, Eric0
Jan 24Jan 31Aztec Supper Recipe and InstructionsSocial StudiesDekens, Eric0
Jan 23Jan 25How the cells are nourishedScienceLavorato, Joey0
Jan 21Jan 31Symbolism Videos & WorksheetEnglish Language ArtsDavid, Shelly2
Jan 21Jan 23Digestive, Respiratory, CirculatoryScienceLavorato, Joey1
Jan 9Jan 11Unit 2 Topic 5 ReviewScienceLavorato, Joey0
Dec 12Dec 20Ch. 5-6 Test (Thurs)Social StudiesDekens, Eric0
Dec 12Dec 18Logbook Assignment (all 4 entries and map complete)Social StudiesDekens, Eric0
Dec 3Dec 4Unit 2 Topic 3 ScienceLavorato, Joey0
Oct 29Nov 7Promote your City-State! (I-Pad assignment)Social StudiesDekens, Eric0
Oct 29Nov 1Descriptive Paragraph HelpEnglish Language ArtsDavid, Shelly1
Oct 25Oct 30Ch. 2B - Powerful City-StatesSocial StudiesDekens, Eric1
Oct 24Oct 26Graveyard Book Chapter 4English Language ArtsDavid, Shelly1
Oct 17Oct 22Topic 4-6 ReviewScienceLavorato, Joey0
Oct 16Oct 17Buoyancy ReviewScienceLavorato, Joey0
Oct 10Oct 12Density Topic ReviewScienceLavorato, Joey0
Oct 2Oct 5Density CalculationsScienceLavorato, Joey2
Sep 25Oct 1Unit 1 Topic 1-3 reviewScienceLavorato, Joey1
Sep 21Sep 24Unit 1 Topic 2 QuestionsScienceLavorato, Joey1
Sep 20Sep 25CH. 1A Notes - "Times of Change" - TuesSocial StudiesDekens, Eric1
Sep 18Sep 19Unit 1 Topic 2 DefinitionsScienceLavorato, Joey1
Sep 14Jun 7Ted Talk Thursday Viewing WorksheetEnglish Language ArtsDavid, Shelly1
Sep 11Sep 12Unit 1 Topic 1 QuestionsScienceLavorato, Joey0
Sep 5Sep 30Moodle - Driver's EdSocial StudiesDekens, Eric0
May 28Jun 13Whole Unit ProjectScienceLavorato, Joey1