Homeroom: 7A - Ms. Nelis

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Dec 14Dec 19Quiz Add/Subtract Fractions and Lowest TermsMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Dec 4Dec 6Percent, Decimal, Fraction QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Nov 28Dec 4Science Quiz Topics 1-4 ScienceNelis, Gina0
Nov 27Nov 28Math Textbook Page 137-138MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Nov 20Nov 21Math Questions TextbookMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Nov 9Nov 14Math Quiz Parallel, Perpendicular and Area of a Triangle/ParallelogramMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Nov 1Nov 8Unit 1 Interactions and Ecosystem QuizScienceNelis, Gina0
Oct 17Oct 22Cartesian Plane QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Oct 16Oct 29Unit One ProjectScienceNelis, Gina0
Oct 3Oct 10Food Web ScienceNelis, Gina1
Sep 28Oct 2Chapter 2 Math Quiz (Working with Decimals)MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Sep 25Sep 26Division 3 Questions WorksheetMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Sep 20Sep 27Interactions Topics 1-3 Mini QuizScienceNelis, Gina0
Sep 1Sep 30Math and Science Course Outlines and Welcome LetterScienceNelis, Gina3
Sep 1Sep 30Math and Science Course Outlines and Welcome LetterMathematicsNelis, Gina3
Sep 1Sep 307A-7B Class Website ScienceNelis, Gina0
Sep 1Sep 307A-7B Class Website MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jun 6Jun 11Math Chapter 12 QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
May 22May 25Chapter 11 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
May 22Jun 1Field Trip Forms- Writing on StoneScienceNelis, Gina0
May 22Jun 1Field Trip Forms- Writing on StoneMathematicsNelis, Gina0
May 14Jun 18Planet Earth Dodec Project ScienceNelis, Gina0
Apr 30May 3Chapter 10 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Apr 26Apr 30Math Homework MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Apr 24Apr 30Plant Topic 1-3 QuizScienceNelis, Gina0
Apr 11Apr 27Grade 8 Registration BookletsMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Apr 10Apr 12Chapter 9 Integer QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Mar 15Mar 19Circle QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Mar 13Mar 15Circle MandalaMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Mar 1Mar 7Structures and Forces Topics 3-5 QuizScienceNelis, Gina0
Feb 12Feb 15Probability QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jan 23Jan 26Chapter 7 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jan 22Jan 23Math Textbook Page 257MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jan 16Jan 17Math Textbook Page 249-250MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jan 16Jan 23Science Heat and Temperature Final ScienceNelis, Gina0
Dec 14Dec 19Chapter 6 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Dec 5Dec 19Design Your Own ThermosScienceNelis, Gina1