Homeroom: 7A - Ms. Nelis

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since October 17, 2017.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Oct 17Oct 22Cartesian Plane QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Oct 3Oct 10Food Web ScienceNelis, Gina1
Sep 28Oct 2Chapter 2 Math Quiz (Working with Decimals)MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Sep 25Sep 26Division 3 Questions WorksheetMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Sep 20Sep 27Interactions Topics 1-3 Mini QuizScienceNelis, Gina0
Sep 1Sep 30Math and Science Course Outlines and Welcome LetterScienceNelis, Gina3
Sep 1Sep 30Math and Science Course Outlines and Welcome LetterMathematicsNelis, Gina3
Sep 1Sep 307A-7B Class Website ScienceNelis, Gina0
Sep 1Sep 307A-7B Class Website MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jun 6Jun 11Math Chapter 12 QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
May 22May 25Chapter 11 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
May 22Jun 1Field Trip Forms- Writing on StoneScienceNelis, Gina0
May 22Jun 1Field Trip Forms- Writing on StoneMathematicsNelis, Gina0
May 14Jun 18Planet Earth Dodec Project ScienceNelis, Gina0
Apr 30May 3Chapter 10 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Apr 26Apr 30Math Homework MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Apr 24Apr 30Plant Topic 1-3 QuizScienceNelis, Gina0
Apr 11Apr 27Grade 8 Registration BookletsMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Apr 10Apr 12Chapter 9 Integer QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Mar 15Mar 19Circle QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Mar 13Mar 15Circle MandalaMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Mar 1Mar 7Structures and Forces Topics 3-5 QuizScienceNelis, Gina0
Feb 12Feb 15Probability QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jan 23Jan 26Chapter 7 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jan 22Jan 23Math Textbook Page 257MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jan 16Jan 17Math Textbook Page 249-250MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Jan 16Jan 23Science Heat and Temperature Final ScienceNelis, Gina0
Dec 14Dec 19Chapter 6 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Dec 5Dec 19Design Your Own ThermosScienceNelis, Gina1
Nov 29Dec 4Chapter 4 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Nov 23Nov 27Black Friday Math DealsMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Nov 21Nov 22Math Text Page 137-139MathematicsNelis, Gina0
Nov 21Nov 27Topics 1-3 Quiz Heat and TemperatureScienceNelis, Gina0
Nov 7Nov 13Chapter 3 Math QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Oct 31Nov 6Heat and Temperature Title PageScienceNelis, Gina0
Oct 25Nov 2Unit 1 Ecosystem QuizScienceNelis, Gina0
Oct 17Oct 19Cartesian Plane QuizMathematicsNelis, Gina0
Oct 16Oct 24Optional Take Home Questions- Chapter 2MathematicsNelis, Gina1
Oct 11Oct 23Unit 1 Ecosystem Project ScienceNelis, Gina0