Homeroom: 8A - Mr. Mathur

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 21Mar 26Math UNIT 4 BookletMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Mar 21Mar 26Topic 4 REVIEW (P. 220 Q's 1-5)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Mar 15Mar 19The outsiders Orange BookletEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 15Mar 28Aztec Codex- Unit 2 Final ProjectSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Mar 15Mar 26Math UNIT 4 FINALMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Mar 15Mar 22Five Paragraph Position Paper- Complete introduction paragraphEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 13Mar 23The Outsiders Final Project- Book Jacket English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 13Mar 14Orange outsiders Booklet- Conflicts pageEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 8Mar 14Social Studies Chapter 9-10 QuizSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Mar 8Mar 12The Outsiders- finish novelEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 7Mar 12Orange Booklet- Question #14English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 5Mar 12The Outsiders- Wanted PosterEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 1Mar 2The Outsiders Reading- Finish Chapter 10English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Feb 27Feb 27Complete reading Chapter 9- The OutsidersEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Feb 27Mar 7The Four "G"s for Spain ProjectSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Feb 26Mar 5The Outsiders ipod playlist projectEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Feb 14Feb 27Chapter 9 Social Studies BookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Feb 12Feb 14The Outsiders- Finish reading chapter 7English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Feb 12Feb 14Outsiders Booklet Work (Orange and White)English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Feb 12Feb 16Personal Response- Should the Curtis boys be separated?English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Feb 5Feb 13Pairs and Rotations BookletMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Feb 5Feb 13Math UNIT 11 FINALMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Feb 1Feb 14UNIT 2 FINAL (Cells and Systems)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Feb 1Feb 6Body Systems BookletScienceLayton, Chad0
Jan 31Feb 5Chapter 8- Aztec Education Booklet Part 1Social StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jan 29Jan 30The Outsiders- read first part Chapter 5English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 29Jan 30The Outsiders Orange Booklet- Chapter 3,4,5 questions/Chapter 5 Vocabulary English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 29Feb 5Personal Response- Most Misunderstood CharacterEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 25Jan 31Chapter 8- For the Good of the People bookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jan 24Jan 29Outsiders- 8 sentence personal response paragraphEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 23Jan 24The Outsiders- read first part Chapter 4- up to the top of Pg 61English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 22Jan 26The Outsiders- Stick man CharacterizationEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 22Feb 1Body Systems Project (Digestive, Respiratory and Caridiovascular)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Jan 19Jan 24Create Your Own Aztec GodSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jan 19Jan 30MAJOR Cell ProjectScienceLayton, Chad0
Jan 18Jan 22Cell Membrane SheetScienceLayton, Chad0
Jan 18Jan 19The Outsiders- Finish reading chapter 3English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 17Jan 18The Outsiders- Read Chapter 3 to top of page 44English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 17Jan 22Topic 5 Review (Q1-4)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Jan 16Jan 17Orange Outsiders Booklet- Chapter 2 vocabulary, Chapter 1/2 questionsEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 16Jan 22Welcome To Tenochtitlan assignmentSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jan 16Jan 17The Outsiders- Finish reading chapter 2English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 15Jan 16The Outsiders- Read Chapter 2 (Up to page 28)English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 15Jan 22The Outsiders BookmarkEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 11Jan 15Topic 4 Review p. 137 (Q 1-8)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Jan 11Jan 15Crossword Sheet (Cells and Microscopes)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Jan 11Jan 12The Outsiders- Read Chapter 1English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jan 10Jan 15Onion Cell Lab WriteupScienceLayton, Chad0
Jan 10Jan 30MAJOR CELL PROJECT and WriteupScienceLayton, Chad0
Jan 9Jan 22Chapter 7 BookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jan 8Jan 10Expansionism/Imperialism ComicSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jan 8Jan 15Topic 4 Research NotesScienceLayton, Chad0
Dec 18Dec 21Math Booklet DUEMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Dec 13Dec 19Social Studies Chapter 4-5 QuizSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Dec 11Dec 13Alternate Ending English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Dec 7Dec 12Democracy paragraph English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Dec 7Dec 18UNIT 3 Math Test MathematicsLayton, Chad0
Dec 6Dec 8Chapter 4 BookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Dec 6Dec 11WATERscope LabScienceLayton, Chad0
Dec 6Dec 7Math Booklet 3.1-3.3MathematicsLayton, Chad0
Dec 5Dec 7Topic 2 Research and Micropscope understandingScienceLayton, Chad0
Dec 4Dec 5Is a Candle Alive?ScienceLayton, Chad0
Dec 1Dec 7Humanist Hook-Up ProfilesSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Nov 21Nov 27Chapter 3 Quiz/ Chapter 3 booklet completionSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Nov 14Nov 16Topic 7 Review (P77 Q 1-4)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Nov 13Nov 16Personal Research Topics 1-7 NotesScienceLayton, Chad0
Nov 13Nov 21Math UNIT 2 FINALMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Nov 13Nov 22Science UNIT 1 FINAL EXAMScienceLayton, Chad0
Nov 7Nov 9Math Booklet 2.1-2.4MathematicsLayton, Chad0
Nov 7Nov 9Topic 6 Review (P. 69)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Nov 6Nov 14Chapter 1-2 Social Studies QuizSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Nov 6Nov 15Facebook Page Social Media Project- Italian City-StatesSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Oct 30Nov 1City State WorksheetSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Oct 24Oct 25City State Of LethbridgeSocial StudiesMathur, Raj1
Oct 23Oct 25Viscosity WorksheetScienceLayton, Chad0
Oct 18Oct 24Rise of International Trade WorksheetSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Oct 18Oct 23Topic 4 Review (Q 1-6)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Oct 12Oct 25Black Death Survival GuideSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Oct 12Oct 19Math Booklet DUEMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Oct 11Oct 16Chapter 1 S.S bookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Oct 11Oct 18Math TEST Unit 1 --WednesdayMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Oct 5Oct 13Touching Spirit Bear Newspaper English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Oct 3Oct 6Math Booklet 1.1-1.4MathematicsLayton, Chad0
Oct 3Oct 9Topic 3 Review P.38 (Q1-7) Plus Wrapup Q'sScienceLayton, Chad0
Oct 2Oct 11Medieval Identity Page/ Which Life is Better Page?Social StudiesMathur, Raj0
Sep 28Sep 25Heterogeneous/Homogeneous SheetScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 27Oct 2Topic 2 Review (Q1-10)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 25Oct 2Math Booklet 1.1-1.2MathematicsLayton, Chad0
Sep 22Sep 28Canadian Worldview IconSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Sep 21Sep 25States of Matter/Particle Model WSHEETScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 21Sep 26REVIEW (Tree Diagrams, Square Drawings and Rainbow Factoring)MathematicsLayton, Chad0
Sep 20Sep 25Topic 2 Research NotesScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 18Sep 19Perfect Squares/Triangular Numbers ActivityMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Sep 18Sep 20Topic 1 review (Q 1-6)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 18Sep 22Worldview Icon booklet PART 4Social StudiesMathur, Raj0
Sep 14Jun 26Mr. Mathur's webpage for Social Studies and Language ArtsEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Sep 14Jun 26Mr. Mathur's webpage for Social Studies and Language ArtsSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Sep 14Sep 18Worldview Booklet- Part 1,2,3Social StudiesMathur, Raj0
Sep 14Sep 18Topic 1 YOUR notesScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 12Sep 19UNIT 1 Title PageScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 12Sep 18Worldview and YouSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Sep 11Sep 14Book TrailerEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Sep 11Sep 13Textbook TourScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 8Sep 11Partner INTERVIEWScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 7Sep 12Textbook Scavenger HuntSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Sep 7Sep 11MY LIFEScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 5Sep 11WHO I AM...ScienceLayton, Chad0
Jun 20Jun 30MOODLEScienceLayton, Chad0
Jun 19Jun 23SCIENCE (JUNE 23)ScienceLayton, Chad1
Jun 19Jun 27MATH FINAL (JUNE 27)MathematicsLayton, Chad1
Jun 15Jun 19Renaissance Review CompletionSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jun 13Jun 28Social Studies Final ExamSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jun 13Jun 14Chapter 16 Review QuestionsSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jun 13Jun 19Water Project ScienceLayton, Chad1
Jun 13Jun 26Language Arts 8 Final Exam Part BEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jun 8Jun 20A Monster Calls Final ProjectEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jun 8Jun 13Meiji News AssignmentSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jun 6Jun 15Chpt 14/15/16 QuizSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jun 5Jun 9A Monster Calls Personal Response- Choice of FourEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Jun 5Jun 8Chapter 15 BookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jun 2Jun 5A Monster Calls Comprehension Booklet- DO NOT DO PERSONAL RESPONSEEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 30Jun 1Math Booklet (Like Terms and Distibutive Property)MathematicsLayton, Chad0
May 30Jun 5A Monster Calls reading up to pg. 188English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 30Jun 2Aliens ArriveSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 30May 31A Monster Calls reading up to pg. 183English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 29Jun 12A Monster Calls- Novel TimelineEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 29May 30A Monster Calls reading up to pg. 172English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 29Jun 7Math UNIT 9 Exam MathematicsLayton, Chad0
May 26May 30Samurai Instagram PageSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 25May 29Math WSheet 6.2/6.3MathematicsLayton, Chad0
May 25May 29A Monster Calls reading up to pg. 162English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 25May 30End of Isolation Chapter 15 Question BookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 25Jun 1Japanese Gardens Visit 8:45-12pmSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 24May 25A Monster Calls reading- up to page 152English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 23May 26A Monster Calls- Stick man Character AnalysisEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 23May 26Change Within Isolation bookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 22May 29UNIT 4 Final (Mechanical Systems)ScienceLayton, Chad0
May 18May 22Hydraulics/Pneumatics researchScienceLayton, Chad0
May 18May 22Pascal's LawScienceLayton, Chad0
May 18May 23A Monster Calls reading- up to page 141English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 18May 23Edo Japan Exclusion Laws PosterSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 18May 24Comprehension Booklet- Yew TreeEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 16May 18Topic 4 Review ScienceLayton, Chad0
May 11May 15Topic 3 Review and WrapupScienceLayton, Chad0
May 9May 16Chapter 12-13 Quiz SocialSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 8May 15UNIT 6 Math TestMathematicsLayton, Chad0
May 8May 9A Monster Calls Mini Comprehension BookletEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 8May 15Yew Tree Personal ResponseEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 4May 8A Monster Calls BookmarkEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 4May 8Edo Japan Feudal System ChartSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 4May 10Lever BookletScienceLayton, Chad0
May 3May 8Topic 2 ReviewScienceLayton, Chad0
May 1May 5Social Studies/Language Arts Written Final ExamEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 1May 5Social Studies/Language Arts Written Final ExamSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 1May 24Rube Goldberg MAJOR AssignmentScienceLayton, Chad0
Apr 27May 1Topic 1 ReviewScienceLayton, Chad0
Apr 27May 1Japan Coat of ArmsSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Apr 27May 1Self Sufficiency BookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Apr 26Apr 27L.A- Lyrics and Poem Analysis on "Time"English Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Apr 12Apr 25LCI Registration PackageEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Apr 12Apr 25LCI Registration PackageSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Apr 10Apr 27Math UNIT 5 TESTMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Apr 6Apr 26UNIT 3 Science Test (Light and Optics)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Apr 6Apr 11Animal Eye ResearchScienceLayton, Chad0
Apr 6Apr 10Math Booklet 5.1-5.3MathematicsLayton, Chad0
Apr 5Apr 25Exam Schedule NoticeEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Apr 5Apr 25Exam Schedule NoticeSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Apr 5Apr 10All assignments for Mr. CraigEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Apr 5Apr 10All assignments for Mr. CraigSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Mar 30Apr 33D shapes Worksheet 8.1, 9.7, 9.8MathematicsLayton, Chad0
Mar 30Apr 5Terminology QuizEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 30Apr 5Paraphrasing AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 29Apr 3Tell Tale Heart ReflectionEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 29Apr 3Topic 6 Review (Q1,3,5,6,7,8)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Mar 26Mar 28The Fog horn Personal ResponseEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Mar 23Mar 27Research Telescopes, Binoculars and MicroscopesScienceLayton, Chad0
Mar 22Mar 27Topic 4 Review (P. 220 Q1-5)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Mar 21Mar 23Math Booklet COMPLETEDMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Mar 16Mar 27Math UNIT 4 FINAL TESTMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Mar 14Mar 285 Paragraph Personal ResponseSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0