Homeroom: 8A - Mr. Mathur

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 23May 29Exclusion Laws Poster Social StudiesMathur, Raj0
May 23May 30A Monster Calls Response WritingEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj1
May 22May 24Yew Tree Article QuestionsEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
May 17May 22Chapter 14 "A Closed Society" NotesSocial StudiesMathur, Raj1
May 11May 17MATH UNIT 6 TestMathematicsLayton, Chad0
May 10May 14Topic 2 Review (Q 1-3)ScienceLayton, Chad0
May 9May 29RUBE GOLDGERG MAJOR ProjectScienceLayton, Chad0
May 8May 15Social Studies Chapter 12-13 quizSocial StudiesMathur, Raj1
May 3May 11Fable Collection AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj1
May 2May 11Group Project: Foreigners in Edo Japan- Front Page newspaperEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj1
May 1May 3Topic 1 Research NotesScienceLayton, Chad0
May 1May 3Unit 4 Title PageScienceLayton, Chad0
Apr 27May 1Chapter 13 note booklet: Japan Under the ShogunSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Apr 26Apr 30Math UNIT 5 EXAM MathematicsLayton, Chad0
Apr 25Apr 27A Monster Calls Ch. 3 & 4 QuestionsEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Apr 25May 3UNIT 4 Title PageScienceLayton, Chad0
Apr 23Apr 30SCINECE Booklet (Topics 5-8)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Apr 23Apr 30UNIT 5 MAth Booklet DUEMathematicsLayton, Chad0
Apr 19Apr 25Chapter 12 Japan Booklet- extendedSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Apr 19Apr 25Chapter 12 Japan- Land of the Rising Sun bookletSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Apr 17Apr 25SCIENCE UNIT 3 EXAM (Optical Systems)ScienceLayton, Chad0
Sep 14Jun 26Mr. Mathur's webpage for Social Studies and Language ArtsEnglish Language ArtsMathur, Raj0
Sep 14Jun 26Mr. Mathur's webpage for Social Studies and Language ArtsSocial StudiesMathur, Raj0
Jun 20Jun 30MOODLEScienceLayton, Chad0