Homeroom: 8J - Mme Greenfield

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 25May 28Manuel Rouge p. 347 #5,6,8,10,11MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 24May 25Manuel Rouge p. 342 #5,12-15MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 24May 29Questions Etape 2: Amazing RaceScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 24Jun 11Quiz Etape 2-3 Amazing Race ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 24May 28Quiz Etape #1 Amazing Race ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 22Jun 18Independent Novel StudyEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
May 22May 24Manuel rouge p. 336 #4-6, 8-11MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 17May 22Manuel Rouge p. 331 #6-11MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 17May 24Etape 1 Amazing RaceScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 15May 17Cahier Jaune 6.1 #1,2ac,5,6MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 14May 22Examen de Module 3 ( La lumière)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 14May 15Finir le pré-testScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 14May 18Test de module 5MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 10May 14Thème 7 notes ( les deux côtés)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 10May 14Math Cahier Rouge p. 290 #6-10,12,17 et p. 298 #4,5,7-9MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 3May 8Jaune 5.5 # 1,2,4-7 et 5.6 #1,2,5,6MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Apr 27May 3Quiz de vocabulaire Thème 1-3ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Apr 27May 4Quiz 5.1-5.4MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Apr 24Apr 30"The Scholarship Jacket" - Digital Copy and Follow-upEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
Apr 24Apr 30"The Scholarship Jacket" - Follow upEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
Apr 19Apr 20Manuel rouge p. 260 R # 6-11, 13,14 or D#7-11,13,14,19MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Apr 17Apr 20Jaune 5.1 (#1-9) 5.2 #1,3-7 5.3 1,2,3-9MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Apr 13Apr 16Manuel Rouge p. 252 R # 3-7,10 ou D # 3,4,8,9,11,13MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Apr 10Apr 12Les questions sur les types de lumière (livret jaune)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 27Mar 29Math Cahier RougeMathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 22Mar 29Examen Module 4 Les machinesScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 21Apr 11Poetry Final Project - Due Thurs, March 28English Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
Mar 13Mar 15Completer le livret de science Thème 4-6ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 12Mar 20Examen Module 4 et Module 8MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 8Mar 12Rouge #4-8 et Cahier jaune 8.1 (tous les questions)MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 7Mar 13Quiz sur thème 1 et 2ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 6Mar 8Révision Thème 1 et 2ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 6Mar 13Quiz sur thème 1 et 2ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 6Mar 8Manuel Rouge p. 437 4,8,9,12MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 2Mar 27Machine Rube GoldbergScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Mar 2Mar 5page 4.5 #1,2bc,3,4 page 4.6 #1,2b,5,6 et page 4.8 #1,2ab,3,5MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Feb 28Feb 28Explore-a-text LINKEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
Feb 26Mar 1Cahier Rouge p. 197 R # 4ab,6,7ab,11,12 ou D # 4c,7ab,12,14,15 ou 17 ou 18 ET Cahier Rouge p. 205 3a,4MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Feb 14Feb 27Figures of Speech Superhero AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
Feb 13Feb 16Math quiz sur l'aire de surface des prismes et cyclindre ET les développementsMathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Feb 12Feb 15Cahier jaune 4.7 #1-3MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Feb 8Feb 12Calculer le travailScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Feb 8Feb 16Thème 1-2 Power pointScienceGreenfield, Cynthia1
Feb 5Feb 6Cahier Jaune Section 4.3 #1-4 et Section 4.4 # 1-4 ( pas 2d)MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Feb 2Feb 5Math Cahier Rouge p. 191 R # 4-7,8 ou D # 5,6,8, 14 ou 17MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Jan 30Feb 14.3 Manuel Rouge ( p. 186) R# 4-7,9,10 et D # 6,7,9,10,12MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Jan 30Feb 6Examen Module 2 Les cellulesScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Jan 25Jan 29Manuel Rouge P. 180 # 11,9,7,5a,3 et Cahier jaune 4.1 #1-5 et 4.2 #1,4,5MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Jan 22Jan 24Chapter Summaries COMPLETE (1-23) - WedEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric0
Jan 16Jan 18Jeu de revision MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia1
Jan 16Jan 22Chapter Summaries (Ch. 16-20) - MondayEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric0
Jan 15Jan 16p. 68 # 3-6MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Jan 1Jan 12Examen Module 3MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Dec 18Dec 20Persuasive Speech to Council of EldersEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric0
Dec 14Dec 18Manuel Rouge p. 145 # 10,12,13,14 cd et Cahier jaune 3.6 #1,5,6 et 3.7 #1,4-8MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Dec 14Dec 19Quiz Thème 1-3 ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Dec 14Dec 19Quiz Thème 1-3 ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Dec 12Dec 18Summary Frames - end of ch. 15English Language ArtsDekens, Eric0
Dec 8Dec 12Cahier Rouge p. 132 #3,4,5,6ace,8ab,10MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Dec 4Dec 11Quiz sur la multiplication des fractionsMathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Dec 1Dec 4Cahier Rouge p. 118 R# 4,6,7,11-13 D# 7,9,12-14,16,18 ou19MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 30Dec 4Lab "e" et les questions sur p. 113-114ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 30Nov 30Cardboard boat race formeMathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 28Nov 30Cahier jaune 3.1 ( #1,2,4,5) et 3.2 (#1,3,4,5)MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 28Nov 30Cahier jaune 3.1 ( #1,2,4,5) et 3.2 (#1,3,4,5)MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 23Nov 30Checkpoint Worksheet - CompleteEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric0
Nov 22Dec 4Good Copy Summaries - Ch. 8, 9, 10 - MondayEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric0
Nov 21Nov 23Cahier rouge p. 108-109 # 6,8,10,11MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 21Nov 27Notes et définition sur les microscopes ( livret violet)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 7Nov 16Examen Module 1ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia1
Nov 7Nov 14Examen Module 2MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 3Nov 6Cahier rouge p. 92 R # 3,4,6,8,9,11,13 ou D# 6,8,10,11,13,12 ou 14, 17MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 3Nov 6Cahier rouge p. 92 R # 3,4,6,8,9,11,13 ou D# 6,8,10,11,13,12 ou 14, 17MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Nov 3Nov 6Cahier rouge p. 92 R # 3,4,6,8,9,11,13 ou D# 6,8,10,11,13,12 ou 14, 17MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 31Nov 2Questions sur la densité/labScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 30Nov 2Cahier Rouge p. 87 R #5,9,10-13 ou D# 5,9,10,13,14,19 et Cahier Jaune 2.3 #4-7 et 2.4 # 1,2,4-6MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 30Nov 1Frames 1, 2, and 3 (Ch. 1 & 2) Good Copy SummariesEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric0
Oct 26Oct 27Cahier Rouge p. 73 R #4,8,10-12 et D# 6,8,10-12MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 23Oct 24Cahier Rouge p. 68 R # 5,6,9,11,13,16 ou D# 7,9,11,13,16,19MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 12Oct 16Spirale et LeRévision de Module 1 Cahier jaune MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 12Oct 17Quiz Thème 1-3ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 6Oct 13Revision de module 1 (pas #3,6,10,14)MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 5Oct 11Lab sur la solubilité ET Questions de révision p. 26 1-4,7-9 ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia1
Oct 5Oct 6Cahier jaune p. 14 et p. 20 4,5,7MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 3Oct 5Lab: Solubilité des solutésScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 3Oct 5Cahier Rouge p.44 #7,8,12abMathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Oct 2Oct 3Cahier Rouge p. 34 #5ab,6ab,9ab,13 ou 16MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 29Oct 2Cahier Rouge p. 34 #3,4 et Cahier Jaune p. 16 #1,2MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 27Oct 3Five Paragraph Essay -First 3 paragraphs of Rough DraftEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric0
Sep 22Sep 29Quiz sur 1.1-1.4MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 22Sep 25Pre-quiz 1.1-1.4MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 21Sep 22Manuel rouge p. 25 #4,5,7-9,11MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 18Sep 19Question Thème 1 ( livret rose)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 18Sep 19Cahier Jaune page 5-6 # 1-5,8-10 et page 8 #2-8MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 14Sep 14Page titreScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 12Sep 14Manuel Rouge p. 8-10MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 12Sep 14Theme 1 notes ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 7Sep 14Science: Plan de coursScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 7Sep 12Mon élèmentScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 7Sep 12Maths:Plan de coursMathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Jun 8Jun 30Review package answersSocial StudiesMethot, Lorraine2
Jun 2Jun 57.3 Cahier jaune #2MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 30Jun 5Amazing Race: Etape #3 ( finir tous les questions!)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 29Jun 15Review for final examSocial StudiesMethot, Lorraine1
May 29May 30Cahier jaune 7.1 #1,3,4,5MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 29May 30Finir étape 2ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 29May 30Finir étape 2ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 29Jun 6Mini-quiz sur Etape 2 et 3 (Amzing Race)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 24May 29Diary of Anne Frank (Vocabulary/Character Analysis)English Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
May 18May 26Quiz de Module: Les machinesScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 11May 29Module 1: Révision fin de l'annéeMathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Sep 21Jun 23Link for Middle Ages in FrenchSocial StudiesMethot, Lorraine0
Sep 6Jun 29Vision du monde - manuelSocial StudiesMethot, Lorraine0