Homeroom: 8J - Mme Greenfield

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 25May 28Manuel Rouge p. 347 #5,6,8,10,11MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 24May 29Questions Etape 2: Amazing RaceScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 24Jun 11Quiz Etape 2-3 Amazing Race ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 24May 28Quiz Etape #1 Amazing Race ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 24May 25Manuel Rouge p. 342 #5,12-15MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 22Jun 18Independent Novel StudyEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
May 22May 24Manuel rouge p. 336 #4-6, 8-11MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 17May 22Manuel Rouge p. 331 #6-11MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 17May 24Etape 1 Amazing RaceScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 15May 17Cahier Jaune 6.1 #1,2ac,5,6MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 14May 22Examen de Module 3 ( La lumière)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 14May 15Finir le pré-testScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 14May 18Test de module 5MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 10May 14Thème 7 notes ( les deux côtés)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 10May 14Math Cahier Rouge p. 290 #6-10,12,17 et p. 298 #4,5,7-9MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
May 3May 8Jaune 5.5 # 1,2,4-7 et 5.6 #1,2,5,6MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Apr 27May 4Quiz 5.1-5.4MathematicsGreenfield, Cynthia0
Apr 27May 3Quiz de vocabulaire Thème 1-3ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Apr 24Apr 30"The Scholarship Jacket" - Digital Copy and Follow-upEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
Apr 24Apr 30"The Scholarship Jacket" - Follow upEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1