Homeroom: 8I - Mr. Francis

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Feb 15Feb 28Figures of Speech Superhero AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
Feb 13Feb 15Figures of Speech ExamplesEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric1
Feb 13Feb 14Calculer le travail (le livret vert)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Feb 9Feb 13Identifier les leviers (9-livret vert)ScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Feb 8Feb 16Thème 1-2 Power pointScienceGreenfield, Cynthia1
Jan 31Feb 7Examen Module 2 Les cellulesScienceGreenfield, Cynthia0
Jan 23Jan 25Chapter Summaries COMPLETE (1-23) - ThursEnglish Language ArtsDekens, Eric0
Mar 7Apr 6News Article - FLAFrenchJoncas, Veronique0