Homeroom: 7E - Ms. McFadzen

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since April 25, 2018.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 17May 21p. 113 #4-13MathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
May 15May 16p. 98 #6 - 13MathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
May 14May 15Topic 1 - 2ScienceMcfadzen, Kae0
May 14May 18Geometry sets are neededMathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
May 4May 11Confederation QuizSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
May 2May 8Confederation bookletSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
May 2May 8Open book chapter 11 quizMathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
May 1May 2p. 411 #4-8MathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
May 1May 2mini quiz 11.3, 11.4MathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
May 1May 4Rube Goldberg DesignScienceMcfadzen, Kae0
May 1May 30Take-Home Structures ProjectScienceMcfadzen, Kae0
May 1May 10Closed book chapter 11 quizMathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 26Apr 30p. 399 # 4 - 11 - no #10MathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 25Apr 30political cartoonSocial StudiesMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 24Apr 25p. 392 # 3 - 13 do not do #4MathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 24Apr 30What is a Hero? booklet and collageEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 16Apr 25Closed Book chapter 5 QuizMathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0
Apr 16Jun 1Book ShareEnglish Language ArtsMcfadzen, Kae0
Oct 11May 31MultiplicationMathematicsMcfadzen, Kae0