Homeroom: 7D - Mr. Mansbridge

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 17May 23Chapter 11 TestMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
May 16May 1811.3-11.4 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
May 8May 15Structures and Forces Topics 4-5 QuizScienceElkjaer, Krista0
May 8May 1411.1-11.2 QuizMathematicsElkjaer, Krista0
Apr 24May 1Topic 1-3 Quiz - Structures and ForcesScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Apr 23Apr 27Topic 3 QuestionsScienceElkjaer, Krista0
Apr 9May 17Wind Turbine ProjectScienceElkjaer, Krista0