Homeroom: 6B - Mrs. Magierowski

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 22Mar 26Airplane MaterialsScienceBardock, Randy0
Mar 21Mar 22Practice Quiz & AnswersMathematicsBardock, Randy2
Mar 20Mar 29Pitch Roll Yaw NotesScienceBardock, Randy1
Mar 20Mar 23Pitch Roll Yaw WebsitesScienceBardock, Randy1
Mar 20Mar 22Patterns PracticeMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Mar 20Mar 22Practice with Patterns: Kahoot & websiteMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 12Mar 24Science FairScienceBardock, Randy0
Mar 9Mar 16Coordinate PlaneMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 6Mar 30Patterns infoMathematicsBardock, Randy3
Jan 29Mar 30Air NotesScienceBardock, Randy2