Homeroom: 6B - Mrs. Magierowski

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since May 21, 2018.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 16May 22Happy HolidayMathematicsBardock, Randy1
May 14Jun 12PAT Math PracticeMathematicsBardock, Randy3
May 13May 16graph pagesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
May 10May 13study skills 5 MathematicsBardock, Randy1
May 8May 16Graph NotesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
May 6May 31CSI ProjectScienceBardock, Randy1
Apr 29May 24CSI websitesScienceBardock, Randy1
Apr 16Apr 29volumeMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Apr 12May 8Friday Study Skills 2,3,4ScienceBardock, Randy3
Apr 11Jun 7CSI ScienceBardock, Randy1
Apr 11Apr 15challenge questionsMathematicsBardock, Randy2
Apr 3Apr 12Perimeter and Area practice pagesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Apr 1Apr 5Perimeter and area practice pagesMathematicsBardock, Randy3
Apr 1Apr 12Perimeter and area websitesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 28Apr 2drumheller list ScienceBardock, Randy1
Mar 22Mar 25coordinate plane - a balancing act/sustainable houseMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 21Mar 28good math site, next weekMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Mar 20Mar 22coordinate plane practiceMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 18Mar 25Sustainable House task ScienceBardock, Randy0
Mar 18Mar 25Sustainable House task ScienceBardock, Randy0
Mar 14Mar 22Mar 17-21ScienceBardock, Randy0
Mar 14Mar 22coordinate plane MathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 12Mar 29parts of a planeScienceBardock, Randy1
Mar 12Mar 15Parachute ReviewScienceBardock, Randy0
Mar 11Mar 14flips, slides, rotationsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 11Mar 14flips, slides, rotations websitesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 5Mar 12design an airportMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 4Mar 8parachutesScienceBardock, Randy1
Mar 4Mar 13quick Draw Quiz - wednesday and other info for the weekMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 26Mar 22Notes for MathMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 25Mar 6flight posterScienceBardock, Randy2
Feb 14Feb 28more angle practiceMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 13Jun 14study tipsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 11Feb 15contest for us - enter 6 A and B ScienceBardock, Randy0
Feb 7Feb 14anglesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 7Feb 12decimal division practiceMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 4Feb 7BP student notes assignmentScienceBardock, Randy1
Feb 4Feb 8lattice 2 x 2 multiplicationMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 1Feb 4homework this weekendMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jan 25Jan 31This week MathematicsBardock, Randy0
Jan 21Jan 29mult decimals practiceMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jan 8Jan 8air existsScienceBardock, Randy0
Jan 7Mar 29air Aerodynamics notesScienceBardock, Randy2
Dec 14Dec 17Bonus Bardock $$$$$ScienceBardock, Randy0
Dec 10Dec 12great videos from todayScienceBardock, Randy0
Dec 7Dec 13mixed numbers practice 2 and important informationMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Dec 7Dec 14library tasks - scienceScienceBardock, Randy1
Dec 6Dec 14eclipse notesScienceBardock, Randy1
Dec 4Dec 7sky science videosScienceBardock, Randy0
Dec 3Dec 7Mixed Number notesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Nov 30Dec 6phases of the moon videos ScienceBardock, Randy1
Nov 28Dec 6Phases of the MoonScienceBardock, Randy2
Nov 28Dec 5planet notesScienceBardock, Randy1
Nov 27Nov 28Bonus QuestionMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Nov 26Dec 6this weekMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Nov 26Dec 31Integer practice pages MathematicsBardock, Randy1
Nov 26Nov 30constellationsScienceBardock, Randy1
Nov 22Nov 30integersMathematicsBardock, Randy2
Nov 14Nov 19Planet ProjectScienceBardock, Randy0
Nov 8Nov 19multiplesMathematicsBardock, Randy3
Nov 5Nov 13This week - Nov 5thMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Nov 5Dec 17sky Science NotesScienceBardock, Randy1
Oct 26Oct 29next weekMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Oct 23Oct 26factor websites and practice pagesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Oct 23Oct 26Bonus question MathematicsBardock, Randy0
Oct 17Oct 18tree cookie and levels of the forest notesScienceBardock, Randy1
Oct 17Oct 26factorsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Oct 15Oct 16Reminder and $ MathematicsBardock, Randy0
Oct 11Oct 12Bonus question MathematicsBardock, Randy0
Oct 4Oct 4rounding 2 MathematicsBardock, Randy1
Oct 3Oct 10rounding MathematicsBardock, Randy2
Oct 1Oct 2decimal place value practiceMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Oct 1Oct 5Nutrient CycleScienceBardock, Randy0
Oct 1Oct 5notes from todayScienceBardock, Randy2
Sep 26Sep 30WednesdayScienceBardock, Randy0
Sep 24Sep 25Trip on TuesdayScienceBardock, Randy0
Sep 18Sep 21Who Eats WhatScienceBardock, Randy1
Sep 17Sep 19addition Review and Bardock $$ScienceBardock, Randy0
Sep 14Sep 19addition Review MathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 13Sep 14Bonus Bardock $$$$$MathematicsBardock, Randy0
Sep 13Sep 14Upcoming EventsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 12Sep 14place value millionsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 12Sep 13Parent Info SheetMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 11Dec 21help for parents MathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 10Sep 13place value gameMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 6Nov 29Math notesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 6Oct 24Notes for T and F ScienceBardock, Randy1
Sep 5Sep 12Trees and Forest Title PageScienceBardock, Randy0
Jun 8Jun 11stem leaf plotsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jun 7Jun 14probabilityMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jun 7Jun 11math spy guysMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Jun 6Jun 11Practice book 2MathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jun 5Jun 18Math FrenzysMathematicsBardock, Randy0
May 31Jun 1next weekMathematicsBardock, Randy0
May 30May 31math website for flips, slidesMathematicsBardock, Randy0
May 23May 24website for flips, slidesMathematicsBardock, Randy0
May 23Jun 15PAT PracticeMathematicsBardock, Randy3
May 21May 31flips slides, rotationsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
May 17Jun 15Number Ops PracticeMathematicsBardock, Randy1
May 17Jun 11CSI ProjectScienceBardock, Randy1
Apr 30Jun 22PAT Information and supportMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Apr 30Jun 8New Unit for science - notesScienceBardock, Randy1