Homeroom: 6A - Mr. Bardock

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 22Mar 26Airplane MaterialsScienceBardock, Randy0
Mar 21Mar 22Practice Quiz & AnswersMathematicsBardock, Randy2
Mar 20Mar 29Pitch Roll Yaw NotesScienceBardock, Randy1
Mar 20Mar 23Pitch Roll Yaw WebsitesScienceBardock, Randy1
Mar 20Mar 22Patterns PracticeMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Mar 20Mar 22Practice with Patterns: Kahoot & websiteMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 12Mar 24Science FairScienceBardock, Randy0
Mar 9Mar 16Coordinate PlaneMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Mar 6Mar 30Patterns infoMathematicsBardock, Randy3
Feb 26Mar 5perimeter and areaMathematicsBardock, Randy5
Feb 8Feb 16Next weekScienceBardock, Randy0
Feb 8Feb 12Percent - Prob SolvMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 8Feb 12Practice Pages - PercentMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 6Feb 15Dream HomeMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Feb 5Feb 12Flight PosterScienceBardock, Randy2
Feb 1Feb 7Percent PracticeMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jan 30Feb 15Percent Notes 2MathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jan 30Feb 15Percent NotesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jan 29Mar 30Air NotesScienceBardock, Randy2
Jan 11Jan 19ConstellationsScienceBardock, Randy1
Jan 8Jan 12Library TasksScienceBardock, Randy1
Jan 8Jan 12Mixed NumbersMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jan 4Jan 8Welcome Back!!MathematicsBardock, Randy0
Dec 12Dec 19Phases of the MoonScienceBardock, Randy1
Dec 12Dec 20Integer GamesMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Dec 8Dec 15next weekScienceBardock, Randy0
Dec 5Dec 18Quick Draw QuizMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Dec 5Dec 8Problem SolvingMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Dec 4Dec 12Planet QuizScienceBardock, Randy1
Dec 4Dec 11Multiples - LCMMathematicsBardock, Randy2
Nov 29Dec 5factor treesMathematicsBardock, Randy2
Nov 27Dec 4planet assignmentScienceBardock, Randy1
Nov 21Nov 27information this weekScienceBardock, Randy0
Nov 20Nov 27GCFMathematicsBardock, Randy2
Nov 16Dec 15sky science vocabScienceBardock, Randy1
Nov 14Dec 15sky science notesScienceBardock, Randy1
Nov 14Nov 22Factor websitesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Nov 14Nov 17Factor notesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Nov 8Nov 17Natural Leaders WorkScienceBardock, Randy0
Nov 8Nov 20Triangles NotesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Nov 8Nov 13this weekScienceBardock, Randy0
Oct 24Oct 27tree cookiesScienceBardock, Randy2
Oct 20Oct 23Info for the upcoming weekMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Oct 19Oct 31RatiosMathematicsBardock, Randy2
Oct 13Oct 16this weekendScienceBardock, Randy0
Oct 12Oct 17Categorizing LeavesScienceBardock, Randy1
Oct 12Oct 18Rounding PracticeMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Oct 12Oct 13Easy $MathematicsBardock, Randy0
Oct 5Oct 5food chains, levels of the forest notesScienceBardock, Randy2
Oct 2Oct 27Unit NotesScienceBardock, Randy1
Oct 2Oct 6practice - expanded form, place value for decimalsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Oct 2Oct 6practice - expanded form, place value for decimalsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 28Oct 5trees and forest termsScienceBardock, Randy1
Jun 16Jun 19Pool Monday!!!MathematicsBardock, Randy0
Jun 6Jun 19Year end reviewMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Jun 6Jun 19Year end reviewMathematicsBardock, Randy1
May 16Jun 9probability notesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
May 16May 31fingerprint notesScienceBardock, Randy1
May 4Jun 9CSI NotesScienceBardock, Randy1
May 3May 12Important DatesMathematicsBardock, Randy0
May 3May 9Review Questions for testScienceBardock, Randy1
May 1May 5algebra practiceMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Apr 27Jun 16Math PAT practiceMathematicsBardock, Randy3
Apr 24Jun 14Numeracy PracticeMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Apr 4Apr 11parts of a plane quizScienceBardock, Randy1
Apr 4Apr 17Patterns WebsitesMathematicsBardock, Randy2
Mar 20Mar 27Notes for coordinate plane, flips, slidesMathematicsBardock, Randy3
Jan 20Mar 31Notes for Aerodynamics UnitScienceBardock, Randy2
Oct 3Jun 30Waste WizardScienceBardock, Randy0
Sep 15Jun 29Math WebsitesMathematicsBardock, Randy0