Homeroom: 6A - Mr. Bardock

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since October 17, 2018.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Nov 14Nov 19Planet ProjectScienceBardock, Randy0
Nov 8Nov 19multiplesMathematicsBardock, Randy3
Nov 5Nov 13This week - Nov 5thMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Nov 5Dec 17sky Science NotesScienceBardock, Randy1
Oct 26Oct 29next weekMathematicsBardock, Randy0
Oct 23Oct 26Bonus question MathematicsBardock, Randy0
Oct 23Oct 26factor websites and practice pagesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Oct 17Oct 18tree cookie and levels of the forest notesScienceBardock, Randy1
Oct 17Oct 26factorsMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 11Dec 21help for parents MathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 6Nov 29Math notesMathematicsBardock, Randy1
Sep 6Oct 24Notes for T and F ScienceBardock, Randy1