Hot Lunch Day!

Calendar General
Event Date Sep 19 11:35 AM - 12:15 PM

Hot Lunch for September will be provided by Booster Juice & Little Caesars.
Each meal includes one slice of pizza (1/4 of a medium) and one 355mL Booster Juice.

Please mark your calendars, as no reminders will be sent home.
There will be NO REFUNDS of Hot Lunches.
If your child is absent/sick, please call the school BEFORE lunchtime (11:30) to make arrangements for the lunch. Any unclaimed lunches will be given away or disposed of.

Deadline for Purchase is 10:00 pm, September 12th. To facilitate ordering, all Hot Lunch purchases MUST be made online, cash payments will NOT be accepted.

Thank you for your continued support to raise money for our school!